Max Levin

Max Levin


Max Levin is an Associate at Reference Point with experience supporting a diverse range of strategic initiatives at both large and small financial institutions. His creative approach allows him to use quantitative and qualitative data to produce unique solutions to meet the clients ever changing challenges. Most recently he has led efforts within the data management space improving data quality metrics and data management efficiencies, by implementing DAMA and DCAM techniques for a leading financial institution. He has also supported the center program office for the merger integration of two leading financial institutions. In addition, Max has supported projects focused on business continuity planning and business impact analysis and improving efficiencies within large financial institutions. 

While working as a financial analyst at JPMorgan Chase his ingenuity and attention to detail improved the efficiency and accuracy of many daily processes. While working at a boutique financial services firm, his understanding of the economic markets led to many successful trades, helping to generate alpha for the firm. When he was a commander and soldier for a special force’s unit in the military, Max’s bravery helped save the lives of over a dozen soldiers while in the mists of battle. He was awarded a purple heart and his team an honor of excellence within the special force’s community.  

Max graduated Cum Laude from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Financial Economics. He is also the best-selling author of the book ‘Under the Stretcher’, documenting his time in the Israeli Defense Forces.  

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