We help our clients not just mitigate, manage and monitor risks but also generate operational intelligence from improved risk data and analytics.

Why is Risk Transforming Business Strategy?

Financial services leaders historically focused on managing credit, market, and liquidity risks—the risks that align with their institutions’ core strengths. However, as business models evolve and financial institutions rely more on technology solutions and outsourced service providers to perform business functions, these leaders have increased their focus on operational risks.

Due to the growing complexity of operations management and technology infrastructure, operational risks cut across all divisions and functions of an organization and often require an enterprise solution or full corporate transformation. Whether it be increasing exposure to technology and third-party risks, ongoing concerns with compliance risk, or emerging cybersecurity risk, financial services leaders have discovered that they can generate value across their organizations by embracing risk, rather than avoiding it.

To do so, many financial institutions are integrating risk functions at the strategic level. Financial services leaders are also investing in solutions that enable them to harness the massive quantity of risk data that sits within departmental silos to generate risk analytics at the enterprise level. As a result, risk data and risk analytics have evolved as key assets for strategic decisions, operational risk management, risk monitoring, and risk reporting.

What We Do

Reference Point offers comprehensive risk services for business operations and information technology.

How We Do It

Our Engagement Partners and Subject Matter Experts are former CROs, CIOs, COOs and operational risk executives from some of the largest and most established financial institutions; they have directly experienced the same or similar challenges faced by our clients. We pair these former executives with experienced consultants to deliver unmatched service quality and value on each engagement.

Why It Matters

We leverage our risk expertise and hands-on experience to develop tailored solutions for our clients. While standard risk and control practices can apply to any financial institution, we right-size risk management to meet each client’s unique needs.

Risk Services

Our solutions have allowed clients to better mitigate and manage risks, reduce operating costs and improve business performance.

A sample of the services and solutions we offer across Risk include:

  • Risk Operating Model & Framework Design
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment
  • Technology Risk Governance
  • Vendor Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Business Impact Analysis & Resiliency
  • Policy Standards & Reviews
  • Control Testing & Assessment
  • Operational Loss & Economic Capital Reporting
  • Management Reporting & Performance Metrics

Case Studies

End-to-End Services, Working Together.

Strategy. Risk. Data. Technology. Reference Point evaluates critical elements all together to build cohesive, lasting value for financial services clients.

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