John P. Henrie

John P. Henrie

Senior Manager

John Henrie is a Senior Manager at Reference Point with over 34 years of experience in bank regulation and supervision. Prior to joining Reference Point, John was a FDIC senior executive who oversaw supervisory activities in the FDIC’s Midwest and Southeast regions. He has an extensive understanding of banking regulations, supervisory policies, examination procedures, corrective programs, bank resolutions, and enforcement actions. John has also served on interdivisional and interagency taskforces and committees, actively participated in industry outreach, guided corporate projects to enhance supervisory policies and programs, and served as a FDIC Corporate Representative and expert witness at civil and criminal trials.

John is a crisis-tested professional. He was a key member of the FDIC’s Atlanta Management team that hired, developed, and lead a rapidly growing workforce that successfully responded to the “Great Recession” and handled the largest number of troubled and failing financial institutions in the nation. John also played a key inter-agency role establishing communication channels and supervisory strategies addressing issues emerging from the COVID Pandemic.

John holds a BS in Business Finance from the Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah and is a graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking, University of Delaware. Outside of work, John is involved in charitable initiatives, relief efforts, and religious youth groups. He enjoys spending time with his family and making lasting memories.

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