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Target State Application & Data Architecture

Data Technology


Fortune 50 Financial Services Institution


Data Architecture & Design, Data & Analytics Transformation, Architecture

Project Overview

Following the implementation of an Operational Analytics Platform aimed at enhancing business resiliency and enabling proactive management of operational and IT risks, the Client engaged experienced data and technology consultants to gain valuable insights into moving the platforms data to a newly created data lake. The objective was to develop a comprehensive target state application architecture, devise a strategy for functional capabilities, and establish detailed data architecture and end-to-end physical models for a suite of enterprise-wide tools. Reference Point established the current and target state application architecture by leveraging the newly selected cloud-based data warehouse within the division. This involved the creation of logical data models for multiple applications and the development of a comprehensive data catalog. The data catalog serves as a repository of metadata, capturing crucial information about data assets, including their type, location, usage, and data lineage. Additionally, the catalog provides a detailed listing of data feeds entering and exiting the platform, encompassing essential information such as timing and maturity.


  • Reference Point played a crucial role in guiding the Client through the vendor selection process for its data warehouse, including cloud provider analysis, data migration strategy development, data architecture and design, data security and privacy consideration, scalability assessment, cost optimization strategies, and seamless integration within the broader data ecosystem.
  • In response to the strategic choice of migrating enterprise data to a newly established cloud-based data warehouse, Reference Point assembled a team of consultants specialized in application and data architecture. This dedicated team was responsible for designing the future state application architecture and constructing physical data models, facilitating a smooth transition of applications to the cloud environment.
  • Reference Point played a pivotal role in facilitating the data migration strategy by developing logical data models for multiple applications, creating a comprehensive data catalog, and conducting detailed analysis of the data feeds.


  • Through the creation of optimized systems and data architecture, Reference Point assisted the Client to proactively identify unforeseen migration risks and harness the core capabilities of a cloud-based data warehouse. This strategic approach allowed the Client to fully leverage the benefits of enhanced scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency by moving to a cloud-based data warehouse.
  • This approach ensured a systematic and well-structured transition of data, allowing seamless integration and optimal utilization of the migrated data in the new environment leading to improved business outcomes.
  • The Client successfully utilized the data models delivered by Reference Point throughout the migration process and database construction. These data models not only facilitated data efficiency across the entire organization, but also served as valuable inputs for cross-enterprise discussions and the identification of relationships among various divisional applications.

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