Case Study

Optimize Enterprise Reporting Capabilities



U.S. Bank Cooperative


Current State Capabilities Assessment, Gap Analysis & Implementation Roadmap

Project Overview

The Client’s senior leadership sought guidance on improving governance and report management practices across the enterprise. RP built a survey intake form with industry standard metadata to identify reports across all business lines and several siloed reporting platforms; developed a comprehensive report catalog to provide transparency into report ownership, source, utilization, and purpose; and provided a set of recommendations and a roadmap, including establishing a Reporting Governance Framework to manage and establish a systematic report management practice. The team then analyzed report usage statistics and conducted stakeholder interviews to develop a regular report archival process.


  • Reference Point deployed a team to establish a comprehensive report catalog, capture associated metadata, and categorize reports based on key attributes. Key observations provided the foundation for the development of a Report Governance Framework including a Reporting Operating Model, RACI matrix, ownership model, and standards and procedures.
  • The team also developed a Modernization Roadmap that outlined a Report Retirement & Modernization Strategy to improve report management practices and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • The team successfully built and operationalized a report archival process which, on a monthly basis, analyzes report usage statistics, taking into consideration exceptions, such as regulatory requirements, for reports that are required to be maintained for various timeframes
  • Additionally, the team built automation requirements, first utilizing a set of complex Excel Macros that enabled the data analysis, generation of excel files for distribution, and automatic saving on to a shared SharePoint site, with leverageable documentation for enhanced automation in the future.


  • Reference Point’s expertise and extensive analysis identified approximately half of the bank’s reports as candidates for archiving based on inactive usage and duplication.
  • Establishment of a report ownership structure and associated RACI matrix promoted accountability, responsibility and improved the efficacy of the Client’s report management practices
  • Development of reporting standards and procedures ensured adoption of best practices for creating, managing, and utilizing reports and corresponding metadata across the bank.
  • The Report Modernization Roadmap showcased the value of continued maturation of the Client’s governance and report management practices to optimize reporting capabilities.

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