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Project Management Risk Intelligence & Analytics Platform

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Fortune 500 Financial Institution


Business Intelligence & Reporting, Data Integration & Engineering, Predictive Analytics, Risk Analytics & Reporting

Project Overview

The Client had challenges closing out a longstanding audit finding that stated there was a lack of sufficient project management risk oversight across its global book of work. Reference Point helped the Client design and implement a reporting and analytics platform consisting of 170+ key risk indicators (KRIs) that proactively identified project execution risk across a portfolio of 15k projects allowing the client to properly identify and mitigate risk. The reporting and analytics platform highlighted previously unknown insights across the Client’s book of work in risk areas such as resource allocation, dependency management, and data integrity. These insights led to the Client issuing a statement to impacted projects, allowing quick mitigation of future risk. 


  • Reference Point deployed a team of subject matter experts and experienced consultants with targeted expertise in project management practices, risk, and reporting and analytics to develop and administer a reporting and analytics platform consisting of 170+ key risk indicators to proactively identify and mitigate project execution risk.
  • Reference Point conducted a thorough data discovery exercise that looked at project management tracking, HR, and system inventory data to develop a holistic and flexible logical data model and data dictionary to ingest over 1.2+ million records to power the reporting and analytics platform.
  • Reference Point documented the data extraction, transformation, and load processes for the platform and conducted multiple training sessions to ensure effective transition to the client’s data and analytics risk team.
  • Reference Point developed curated reporting views and conducted early-stage predictive analytics to derive additional insights on the Client’s project and program management.


  • The platform effort resulted in the identification of 2,900+ work efforts impacted by 900+ persons who were significantly overallocated or who had resigned but were listed as actively engaged in projects – and allowed for mitigation efforts to begin.
  • Newly created reports highlighted risks to downstream projects tracking as on schedule (green status) despite having dependent upstream projects tracking late (red or amber status).
  • Correlation analysist identified high risk instances of the merging of multiple schedule network paths into a single milestone (path convergence), as well as high risk instances of the extension of multiple network paths from a single milestone (path divergence).

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