Case Study

Monitoring, Logging, and Alerting Toolset Assessment

Data Technology


Large Wholesale Lender


Technology Operational Optimization, Business Intelligence & Reporting

Project Overview

In order to enhance visibility into and reporting around service and technology component health, the Client sought support in analyzing the organization’s monitoring, logging, and alerting toolset. RP conducted a gap analysis of the monitoring tools in order to inform a rationalized toolset inventory. RP delivered an assessment that included findings, recommendations, and industry best practices for modernizing monitoring and reporting capabilities in the organization leveraging existing products. The RP team successfully delivered a final report with a complete toolset inventory and detailed assessment findings, impact analysis, and recommendations. RP subsequently supported the implementation of the recommendations.


  • Reference Point deployed a team of subject matter experts and experienced consultants to analyze the organization’s current-state monitoring, logging, and alerting toolset to compile a complete inventory and identify gaps in processes.
  • The RP team conducted a series of workshops with application owners and production support stakeholders to identify and document pain points and areas of improvement in relation to tool configurations and integrations into incident, problem, and change systems and processes.
  • The RP team leveraged findings from the assessment to provide recommendations, use cases, and best practices for the organizations monitoring, logging, and alerting strategy, toolset, and configurations to support a more proactive service management approach.


  • Reference Point’s inventory rationalization approach created a concrete foundation for the organization to optimize their toolset by realizing additional benefits from the capabilities of their tools and offboarding applications with redundant functionality.
  • The RP team’s assessment report provided the organization with a prioritized list of recommendations that led to the establishment of an Enterprise Monitoring Strategy and new standards documented to remediate gaps in processes.
  • The recommendations and next steps enabled to Client to have increased visibility into the health of technology components and services in a manner that will enhance planning and minimize production related impacts.

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