Case Study

Lending System Digital Transformation Management



U.S. Bank Cooperative


Transformation Management, Digital Transformation Strategy

Project Overview

A Client undergoing a large-scale digital transformation of core lending systems sought support in mapping lending capabilities to current and future lending systems to inform change management and transformation readiness efforts. Reference Point worked with the Client to develop and validate a framework listing all lending capabilities mapped to current state lending systems utilized. In order to demonstrate that the Client’s end-to-end transformation consisted of several releases, the framework was mapped to future state systems after each major system release. The framework created was utilized to understand the magnitude of change from each system release, which informed process and procedure changes.


  • Reference Point deployed a focused team of strategic consultants with strong lending expertise and digital transformation project experience to gather documentation and meet with stakeholders at the Bank to understand current state lending processes and systems as well as future state lending systems being implemented.
  • The team utilized information gathered to develop a comprehensive list of lending capabilities at five levels of granularity: capability areas, capability clusters, capabilities, processes, and tasks. Additionally, RP created a capability framework that mapped current state lending systems to the list of capabilities. As it was determined that systems would be rolled on separate timelines, future state systems were mapped to the current state system and list of capabilities at each major release point.
  • Executive level presentations were created in order to highlight all transformation efforts at a high level and demonstrate which capabilities were impacted at each release.


  • Provided the Client with a formal, standardized list of all lending capabilities and processes across the Bank to utilize for future projects and implementations.
  • Created centralized mapping between capabilities, current state systems, and future state systems for all major transformation initiatives along with associated impacts.
  • Enabled full understanding of magnitude of change, which in turn informed any process and procedure changes required to new system deployment.
  • Visualized impact of transformation initiatives in one view for effective executive-level discussions and decisioning.

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