Case Study

Drive Project Portfolios to Achieve Strategic Objectives

Strategy Technology


Fortune 200 Custodian Bank

Project Overview

The Client needed a partner to assess the operating model of its Identify & Access Management (IAM) organization and provide recommendations to improve the Program Management Office’s efficiency, effectiveness, and overall value to the organization. Reference Point performed a current state assessment, and then designed and implemented a comprehensive transformation strategy to address key assessment findings.

  • Due to a bifurcated leadership structure and lack of defined roles and responsibilities within the IAM Program Management Office (PMO), the Client faced significant challenges addressing myriad ongoing problems and inbound issues.
  • The Client lacked a comprehensive strategy to achieve required organizational changes.  Among them: (1) attaining internal/external audit finding compliance; (2) adhering to new enterprise-wide development lifecycle (DLC) standards; and (3) meeting dynamic resource and budget constraints.
  • The Client suffered from ineffective project management and governance practices, resulting in resource misallocation and employee dissatisfaction.  Managers had no defined process and point of escalation for risk and issue mitigation, and decision-makers could not prioritize initiatives given unreliable scope and timeline estimates.
  • Inefficient and inconsistent management processes, documentation, and templates prevented the timely and accurate reporting necessary for organizational transparency.


  • Reference Point deployed a team of senior industry experts and skilled consultants to perform an in-depth current-state assessment of the IAM PMO. The team leveraged Reference Point’s Strategic Assessment Framework to drive the initial engagement.
  • The team ultimately designed and validated a comprehensive transformation strategy, and then transitioned to implementing this strategy by standing up a newly designed PMO and assuming responsibilities for the ongoing management of the IAM Program.
  • Additionally, Reference Point team members provided resource optimization analyses, employee training, and compliance standards monitoring, allowing the client to explore areas for strategic realignment and ensure seamless adoption of the newly designed management framework.
  • Lastly, Reference Point developed a complete set of future state project management processes, templates, tools, and documentation based on industry best practices to ensure forward-success for the Client’s IAM Program.


  • Within a compressed timeline, the Client achieved a seamless transition to meet all inbound audit, DLC, and budget/resource requirements, with no interruption to ongoing project delivery and commitments.
  • Additionally, the Client gained invaluable organizational transparency with access to consistent, accurate, and timely project reporting at both the divisional and executive levels.
  • Leveraging the governance structure designed by Reference Point, the Client was able to drive the project portfolio to achieve the firm’s strategic objectives as well as garner C-Suite recognition for its enterprise-best reporting processes and templates, which were consequently adopted division-wide.
  • Reference Point empowered the Client’s newly-formed PMO to ensure program-wide management consistency and efficiency as well as equipped the team to implement forward-thinking improvement efforts beyond the engagement.

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