Case Study

Debit Card Migration Advisory & Support

Strategy Technology


Large North American Bank - Payments Division


Merger Integration, Technology Strategy, Platform Strategy

Project Overview

Following a consumer and commercial bank’s announcement to expand via acquisition, the client identified a resourcing gap in strategic payments migration advisory to lead and manage critical payments initiatives for Conversion Day 1. Specifically, the client required strategic advisory and support for the Debit Card Conversion occurring during the overall merger integration. Additionally, the client requested Reference Point support in a Technology Delivery Management function to ensure successful planning and execution surrounding the debit-related critical conversion activities. Reference Point served in a leadership role to provide payments advisory support services on the critical debit card conversion initiatives for Conversion Day 1, overall technology conversion project planning, as well as risk, issue and dependency management.


  • RP deployed a strategic program manager to stand-up and manage key delivery workstreams associated with the Debit Card Migration and its critical conversion activities occurring on Conversion Day 1 (CD1).
  • By leveraging experiences from prior merger integrations and payment migrations, RP provided the client with enhanced planning and execution practices, delivery management, risk, issue and dependency management and other key operational and testing functions for the Debit Card Conversion, as well as several Mock phases leading up to CD1.
  • Additionally, RP provided planning, development and execution support in the buildout of end-to-end Mock and CD1 project plans and runbooks, engaging in meetings across various functions within the merger integration to identify synergies and dependencies. RP also constructed a Requirements Traceability Matrix to track the development and testing progress of Debit Card CD1 activities.


  • Senior leadership received thorough strategic payments migration advisory and support services regarding the Debit Card Conversion, with a heightened focus on technology conversion project management, which resulted in the successful buildout of end-to-end project plans for CD1.
  • RP’s prior merger integration and payments migration experience allowed the client to extensively plan for a successful Debit Card Conversion. This enhanced project governance and status reporting, which guided resources in transitioning from requirements buildout and planning to the execution phase for all debit-related CD1 activities.

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