Case Study

Customer Master Data Management Solution Development



Mid-Size Financial Services Firm


Data Management & Governance, Data Quality & Lineage, Data Architecture & Design

Project Overview

The Client had customer data residing across multiple systems, with no definitive system of record for customer data across the enterprise. Customer information was stored in non-standardized formats and represented by duplicative or incomplete records in each system. As a result, the Client faced challenges when attempting to service customers consistently across the entire customer lifecycle or conduct holistic customer analyses. The Client wanted to gain more trust in the integrity of their customer data and improve customer experience by enhancing customer analytics capabilities. The Client requested help from Reference Point in the development of a customer master data management (MDM) and reference data management solution to create an accurate, timely, 360 degree view of the customer across the enterprise. The Reference Point team set a customer MDM strategy for the Client and helped to identify and implement a best-fit customer MDM platform to address their enterprise data issues.


  • Reference Point deployed a team of experienced data experts and analysts to work closely with the Client’s Product and Technology leaders and various business stakeholders to define the strategic vision, requirements, and phased roadmap for the customer MDM solution.
  • To identify relevant customer data fields across systems, the team documented an enterprise-wide customer lifecycle, customer data flow, customer attribute inventory, and customer reference data inventory.
  • The team developed a forward-looking solution architecture, logical data model, and match/survivorship methodology for the customer MDM solution.
  • Reference Point supported the Client with conversations with MDM vendors by conveying Client-specific business requirements and considerations to vendors. RP leaders guided the Client towards an informed decision for their MDM platform selection.
  • The team served as a bridge between the Client and Vendor by assisting with the initial MDM platform set up, including the data modeling and data mapping processes.


  • RP’s MDM recommendations enabled data quality for a crucial data domain via the establishment of data quality rules and tight governance around customer attributes, the creation of a customer system of record, the standardization of customer data attributes, and the de-duplication of customer data.
  • Reference Point created a robust and flexible customer data model that supported the Client’s key business processes and helped the Client gain insight into relationships between customers for risk analysis purposes.
  • The Client was better able to manage customer relationships and service customers because the MDM solution provided employees with complete and accurate views of current and historical customer data, plus an improved user interface for searching for customer information.

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