Case Study

Achieve Actionable Insights from Unified & Interactive InfoSec Environment Data



U.S. Bank Cooperative


Information Security, Data Visualization

Project Overview

The Client’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) sought an Information Security dashboard based on relevant industry benchmarks and metrics from internal systems that would be used to present key insights to senior stakeholders, compliance, and internal (operational) teams. Reference Point provided expertise across industry best practices as well as skillsets in data visualization to enable reporting and issue tracking while defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs). The RP team successfully designed CISO dashboards using Tableau by collecting information from various source InfoSec systems. 


  • Reference Point deployed a team consisting of an information security Subject Matter Expert and data visualization consultants to provide interactive dashboards allowing actionable insights and drill down into deeper detail – used by various key stakeholders to visualize the current InfoSec environment.
  • The dashboards provided live operational tracking and compliance satisfaction metrics in comparison to industry standards, enabling key stakeholders to make informed resourcing decisions in conformity with the industry's best practices.
  • Through data gathering and exploration exercises, Reference Point provided guidance on how to address inefficiencies in the extraction, translation, and tracking of information security data, which increased stakeholder productivity and awareness of poor data tracking capabilities when interacting with data.
  • RP provided key stakeholders with a seamless, interactive data update process by developing an automated Excel tool that is leveraged to update the database with minimal manual work.


  • Reference Point’s approach created a foundation for Information Security data and tools reporting that can be used for customer requests, compliance satisfaction, and internal team awareness.
  • The Client was able to close out a long-standing NIST compliance issue by turning the collection of Information Security source systems into a unified, interactive dashboard.
  • Operational teams leverage the dashboard to monitor the InfoSec environment across various capacities including, but not limited to, vulnerability management, patch management, attacks, and endpoint status.

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