Case Study

Chief Revenue Office Target Operating Model & Career Path Framework Development



Large US Bank: US Public Equity Business


Organization & People Performance, Change Management Services, Transformation Management

Project Overview

Following a recent acquisition, the Client identified a need for a new role, the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), responsible for ensuring predictable and sustainable revenue streams across all offerings. The new CRO was focused on not only integrating legacy teams, but also transforming the way they operate while meeting a wide range of business objectives spanning customers, talent, process improvement, data management, and topline growth. Given the complexity and criticality of transforming these groups, Reference Point was engaged to help stand up the new organization and deliver on critical path items, including communication and client engagement, talent strategy development, and metrics / reporting harmonization.


  • Reference Point (RP) took a disciplined approach to define Target Operating Models for the CRO’s individual functions and overall organization, including the definition of Mission & Visions, Organizational Designs, Role Architectures, Job Descriptions, Organizational KPIs, and a Career Path Framework.
  • RP created and an executed a CRO onboarding plan designed to engage and communicate with the new organization, established leadership cadences, and developed governance forums and associated initiative charters.
  • The team developed definitions for ~46 foundational, role-specific, and management competencies and drafted ~70 job descriptions across the organization to build the Career Path Framework.
  • Reference Point created a change management plan in partnership with HR and Learning & Development functions to ensure the successful adoption of the target operating model and career path framework.


  • Reference Point delivered a Target Operating Model for the integrated US Public Equity business, identifying opportunities for efficiency across the organization, specifically as it relates to the Chief Revenue Office.
  • RP performed an assessment of existing talent across all roles in the organization and developed a high-level plan to close identified gaps, partnering with HR and Learning & Development functions.
  • The team partnered with the business functions to develop a Career Path Framework tool to enhance clarity around roles and responsibilities, as well as help employees with career development and progression by defining required competencies and identifying similarities in roles across functions.

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