End-to-end capabilities spanning the full spectrum of management and technical consulting services.

Strategy & Management

Reference Point’s Strategy & Management services focus on senior-level program management and enterprise business and technology strategy. With decades of experience managing and advising large organizations at financial institutions as well as large-scale enterprise information technology initiatives, our team is able to bring unique perspectives and best practices to our clients.

Our dedication to truly understanding our clients’ current situation and desired outcomes, paired with our ability to creatively yet systematically deploy optimal solutions, differentiates us in the industry.

Our specific Strategy & Management services include:

  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Program Management Office Services
  • Cost Control and Rationalization
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

Analysis & Optimization

Reference Point’s Analysis & Optimization services focus on business process and operations analysis and improvement. We believe great analysis comes from deep understanding, creative thinking informed by experience, and commitment to achieving optimal results.

Having a team with the dedication to truly understand your current business operations to define an ideal end-state, and skill to implement solutions, is essential to achieving business goals. Reference Point also leverages its proprietary analysis methodologies to efficiently deliver superior results to clients.

Our specific Analysis & Optimization services include:

  • Scope Remediation and Cost Rationalization
  • Process Discovery and Mapping
  • Business Process Evaluation and Reengineering
  • Target State Requirements Definition
  • Controls Analysis and Business Continuity Planning

Technology & Data

Our Technology & Data services focus on designing and implementing technical solutions to our clients’ information and data needs. We believe that as information systems become increasingly essential to the effective and efficient execution of more business processes, implementing the right technology and data structures becomes increasingly essential.

While optimized information systems can create enhanced user experiences and more efficient operations, poorly designed or implemented solutions result in inefficient and manual processes, temptations to work around formal processes, increased risk, unnecessary costs, and significant transaction errors. Reference Point’s services combine deep industry expertise with technical know-how to enable us to design, deliver, and integrate transformative solutions.

Our specific Technology & Data services include:

  • IT Strategy and Transformation
  • Enterprise Data Analysis and Optimization
  • Software, Hardware, and Services Vendor Evaluation
  • Technology Implementation and Integration
  • CIO Services