Our Approach

Our proprietary Performance Mining approach has delivered approximately $2.5 billion in sustainable savings to our clients.

Performance Mining

Reference Point’s Performance Mining approach is a comprehensive methodology for collecting, analyzing, and implementing improvement insights from within the organization.

  • Insights generated from all employees / stakeholders
  • Challenge preconceived notions
  • Synthesized into substantive and actionable recommendations
  • Further refined with Reference Point’s expertise

Direct Benefits

  • Energize employees with opportunity to contribute; generate early buy-in for change
  • Generate diverse and candid insights from those that know the organization best
  • Prevent premature dismissal of suggestions or loss of insights in hierarchy
  • Risks and consequences assessed enterprise-wide to avoid unintended negative impacts
  • Reduced implementation time and costs; accelerated realization of positive results

Why Reference Point?

  • Refined approach: Our partners bring over 30 years refining and delivering our approach
  • Unobtrusive: Our approach delivers quantifiable results with minimal disruption
  • Reliable: Proven results with clients in all industries
  • Rapid results: Can deliver recommendations to optimize enterprise-wide performance quickly